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Parenting Skills2021-07-19T19:10:16-04:00
Parenting Skills

When we became parents, most of us had no idea of all the situations that would present themselves, the parenting skills we would need, and the sheer magnitude of work it would become.  No one told us that holding that infant would set us up for the best roller coaster ride we could imagine.  To further complicate this experience, our history as a child can set us up for bad feelings as a parent.  We do what we know.  How we were parented often plays a large part in what we want to do and what we don’t want to do with our children.


Our children’s behavior isn’t the core reason parenting is stressful, although it often feels that way.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where difficulties arise for our children that we can’t have anticipated or have experience with managing such as learning difficulties, loss, tantrums, opposition, or depression.  We’re stressed because we love our children deeply and are determined to make their lives good.   For most of us parenting is the start to a great adventure, but the road map is not in our language.

With adequate support and skill development, we can have begin to enjoy our children so much more thoroughly. We can worry less and play more.  We can be freer to anticipate difficulties, and to solve them as they come along.  There are many opportunities and ways to tackle parenting.  Mindly therapists have the tools and can teach you how to use them.


All clinicians at Mindly are fully licensed to practice counseling & psychotherapy in the state of North Carolina.

Gray Tomalavage, LCMHC
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