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Counseling Adults

Counseling & Psychotherapy for Adults

Sometimes we all need a little help, but we don’t always get the help and support we need. Sometimes the help and support we get just isn’t enough.  Our mental health professionals are trained and qualified to provide counseling for adults to assist with overcoming the difficulties in life that just won’t go away or seem too large to address.  While there is no guarantee that therapy will solve your problems, it does give you a great shot at improving your quality of life even if it means things still aren’t perfect.  Feeling better is often the first step on the path towards happiness and well-being and that’s what we aim for: helping people feel better.

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Counseling & Psychotherapy the Mindly Way

As mental health professionals, we believe it is vital to choose a treatment approach based on each individuals unique situation and preferences and to develop a clear and coherent plan of action early on in the treatment process. Having specific treatment models available to choose from can help this process along.

Entering therapy for the first time can be intimidating. We get that. That’s why at Mindly we strive to be as transparent and collaborative as possible. We want our clients to be in control of their own treatment and to feel empowered to chart their own path towards healing, recovery, and growth.

We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to counseling and psychotherapy. We want to go with the treatments that are known to work and try our best to stick to them. We are not as concerned about being unique as we are about providing results for our clients.  In order to accomplish this, we use evidenced based approaches to treatment including:

Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) is a broad category of psychotherapies proven to be an effective treatment for many mental health concerns including both anxiety and depression.

Dialectical Behavior therapy (DBT) is a treatment that identifies and changes negative thinking patterns and pushes for positive behavioral change. It is often used with individuals experiencing heightened emotional instability.  DBT offers specific skills to cope with and change unhealthy behaviors.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a practical model with emphasis on clear, concise, realistic goals.  It assumes clients have some knowledge of what would make their life better, even though they may need some help describing the details of what that could look like, and they already possess at least the minimal skills necessary to create solutions.

Mindfulness Based Therapy is a type of psychotherapy geared toward becoming more aware of yourself and your environment.  The goal is to notice your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in a nonjudgmental way. Mindfulness has been used in Eastern medicine, religious practices, and daily life since ancient times.


All clinicians at Mindly are fully licensed to practice counseling and psychotherapy in the state of North Carolina.

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