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Give Us a Call (919) 617-9656 or click below to get started

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All clinicians at Mindly are fully licensed to practice counseling and psychotherapy in the state of North Carolina.
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Gregory Linares, LMFTA

Do You Feel at War With Yourself?

Have you ever felt at war with yourself?… as if different pieces of you disagreed and were stirring up trouble. Or maybe you’ve noticed you act or feel differently depending on the people or environment you encounter. According to the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), those inner battles and differences are influenced by “parts.” We all have smaller parts of us that interact with the world and each other every day. These parts often influence our decision-making, attitude, and how we act in countless situations throughout our days, years, and lives. In IFS Therapy, we get to know the different parts within that may be contributing to difficulties in our lives.

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