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Are you COV “angry”?


While working with patients this week managing technology, paperwork and sessions, I have noticed quite a few times that I have gotten more irritable with the process.  I forget that doing something new takes practice; and while I feel like I may be moderately tech savvy, I need to remind myself to be more [...]

Are you COV “angry”?2020-03-28T14:46:44-04:00

Social Distancing: I’m bored already!


Social distancing can leave us feeling like we have few opportunities to entertain ourselves. We are social creatures at heart and finding ways to engage in healthy activities alone can be challenging.  While it is important to get to know ourselves better and be comfortable with the silence; it can prove challenging to find [...]

Social Distancing: I’m bored already!2020-03-21T22:07:16-04:00

How to cope when the world is in crisis?


In the current climate it seems like everything is putting panic at the forefront of our mind.  Statistics, charts, speeches, websites, etc. are rampant with information and it is difficult to know who to believe.  While it is important to make sure your information is accurate before you share, or [...]

How to cope when the world is in crisis?2020-03-16T13:14:26-04:00

Do You Feel at War With Yourself?


Have you ever felt at war with yourself?… as if different pieces of you disagreed and were stirring up trouble. Or maybe you’ve noticed you act or feel differently depending on the people or environment you encounter. According to the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), those inner battles and differences are influenced by “parts.” [...]

Do You Feel at War With Yourself?2020-02-18T11:00:53-05:00

Depression or Grief?


The distinction between depression and grief may seem ambiguous. That’s because often the symptoms mirror each other. Symptoms such as: Lack of motivation Sadness Low energy Difficulty concentrating Hopelessness Irritability and anger Avoiding social situations Some statements people make even sound similar: “I don’t want to go on” or “I just want to be with [...]

Depression or Grief?2020-02-18T12:04:19-05:00

Do You Speak My Language?


Every couple would like to be happy with their significant other. When they got together, they intended to make each other happy, and hoped that it would be reciprocated. Many partners feel they have sincerely tried, but have been unsuccessful, and don’t know what else to do. Some blame their partner, and others blame [...]

Do You Speak My Language?2020-02-18T12:31:46-05:00