Couples & Marriage Therapy Pricing

Please be aware that couples/marriage therapy is not considered a medically necessary service and is thus not covered by most insurance plans. Payment for all couples/marriage therapy services at Mindly is out-of-pocket only.

Private Pay Policy

To pay for services, you purchase “Mindly Minutes” (sort of like purchasing minutes for a prepaid cellular phone).  Minutes are then deducted from your balance for each scheduled therapy appointment.  If/when you run out of minutes, all you do is purchase more minutes through whichever payment plan best suits your circumstances and needs. If you choose the pay-as-you-go payment option, please note that you will not be permitted to schedule future appointments until payment is received for the prior appointment.


Couples Therapy Assessment


Per Assessment

A couples assessment is required before beginning couples therapy.

Pay as You Go


Per Session

300 Minute Plan Approx. 5 sessions


One time purchase