Couples & Marriage Counseling

Sometimes we all need a little help getting along, but we don’t always get the help and support we need to do this effectively. This is where counseling  can be helpful. Our mental health professionals are trained and qualified to assist couples with overcoming the difficulties in relationships that just won’t go away or seem too large to address.  While there is no guarantee that therapy will solve your problems, it does give you a great shot at improving your quality of life even if it means things still aren’t perfect.  Relationships are a team effort and success can often be measured in how well we communicate and work together.

Common Relationship Concerns 

Substance Use
Work Stress
Poor Communication
Children & Domestic Expectations
Cultural Differences
Our therapists are trained in the most effective methods of couples counseling that ensures you are getting the right help to improve your relationship and feel equipped to navigate the future together.  As mental health professionals, we believe it is vital to choose a treatment approach based on each individuals unique situation and preferences and to develop a clear and coherent plan of action early on in the treatment process to ensure the best outcomes for the relationship.
Entering therapy for the first time can be intimidating.  We get that.  That’s why at Mindly we strive to be as transparent and collaborative as possible.  We want our couples to be in control of their own treatment and to feel empowered to chart their own path towards healing, recovery, and growth.

Mindly Couples and Marriage Therapists

 Couples & Marriage Counseling Pricing

Please be aware that couples/marriage counseling is not considered a medically necessary service and is thus not covered by most insurance plans. Payment for all couples/marriage therapy services at Mindly is out-of-pocket only.
To pay for services, you purchase “Mindly Minutes” (like purchasing minutes for a prepaid cellular phone).  Minutes are then deducted from your balance for each scheduled therapy appointment.  If/when you run out of minutes, all you do is purchase more minutes through whichever payment plan best suits your circumstances and needs. If you choose the pay-as-you-go payment option, please note that you will not be permitted to schedule future appointments until payment is received for the prior appointment.