What is Parent Management Training (PMT)? 

Parent Management Training is Helpful For…. 

  • Defiance
  • Argumentativeness
  • Verbal and physical aggression
  • Temper tantrums
  • Anger
  • Attention difficulties
  • Delinquent behavior (e.g., theft, truancy, curfew violation, etc.)
Parent Management Training (PMT) is widely known to be one of the most effective and well-researched psychosocial treatments for disruptive behaviors (e.g., defiance, temper-tantrums, aggression, ADHD, etc.) in children and adolescents.  It is a behavioral treatment based on principles of operant conditioning and involves teaching parents/caregivers how to interact with a child in a manner that reduces the occurrence of unwanted behavior and encourages desired behavior.  While there is a primary focus on parents/caregivers in PMT, individual interventions with the child such as problem-solving and social skills development are also commonly used to further facilitate change.
The concept of positive reinforcement may seem quite simple, but there is a distinct science behind behavior modification and Parent Management Training offers one of the most comprehensive applications of this science.  Please explore the links below to learn more about this highly effective treatment approach.

Helpful Resources

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