Barbara Garrett, LCSW

Barbara Garrett, LCSW

M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work, The Catholic University of America
M.A. in Counseling Psychology, George Mason University
B.A. in Psychology, Adelphi University

My approach is to match the treatment style to the type of issue or concern and the personality of the individual. I chiefly blend together Cognitive Behavioral, Insight, and Solution-focused therapies. Cognitive therapy aims to help change how a person thinks (their perceptions) which in turn produces changes in behavior and feelings. Behavioral therapy rests on the idea that if we change our behaviors (actions, styles of communicating and reactions) we will produce different outcomes in our life and will improve how we feel and think about our life. Insight therapy confers that if we understand the roots and causes of our feelings, beliefs, reactions and coping styles, we are more able to feel different, and make changes thereby creating more positive outcomes and relationships and feel better. In solution-focused therapy the goal is on helping people activate their current abilities to create step by step solutions and make progress in improving their lives. I believe that if we approach your problems with some combination of these therapy types, we will be more likely to help you improve your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, relationships and life.

I have 30 years of experience helping individuals and couples assisting with issues such as:

  • For IndividualsDepression, anxiety, anger management panic attacks, phobias, bulimia, unsatisfying relationships, dating issues, childhood trauma, parenting skills, interpersonal skill development, alcohol abuse, internet addiction, career problems, marriage difficulties, gay and lesbian issues, separation/divorce and life coaching.
  • For Couples – Communication issues, recovering from an affair, premarital counseling, sexual issues and enhancing intimacy, parenting, divorce issues, co-parenting.