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Academic & School Based Difficulties2022-06-02T15:36:49-04:00
Academic & School Based Difficulties

Academic & School Based Difficulties

Academic & School Based Difficulties effect today’s youth face at unprecedented levels.  Pressure to perform academically is a constant stressor.   With focus on grades, GPA’s, and participation in extracurricular activities like sports and clubs, it can feel overwhelming quick.  Add to this the advances in technology including social media and global comparisons, and it can lead a developing mind toward anxiety and depressive symptoms.  School has always been competitive, but today’s youth see their competition beyond the walls of their buildings.  Struggling with learning difficulties, motivation, focusing problems, and social expectations can compound a tremendously complex arena.


As recent as 15 years ago, youth didn’t seek approval from their “followers” on instagram or facebook.  They didn’t have all their good and bad behavior documented live or forever preserved in picture form on a platform that is available for the entire world.  They didn’t base their success on millions of other students; but simply on themselves and the individuals they came in contact with in their daily lives.  While technology can be very helpful, it can also wreak havoc on developing minds who are just forming self concept and socialization skills.

These comparisons can lead to doubt and the desire to give up.  This can manifest in students failing to perform academic tasks or over working themselves; leading to symptoms such as panic attacks, or to suicidal thoughts and behaviors.  Talking with a mental health therapist can help students put their academic & school based difficulties into perspective and challenge their negative thoughts leaving them with healthier views of the world and their place in it.


All clinicians at Mindly are fully licensed to practice counseling & psychotherapy in the state of North Carolina.

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